the first time i heard nirvana i didnt get it.
i dont even remember what song it was, Bleach was out but barely.
i was a college dj and i was probably the only one of ten djs playing it and i didnt even know what i had there.
then came nevermind, but in truth, first came the single Teen Spirit and i did the same thing
i took it out of its sleeve, i put it on the record player, i played it and said what band it was
and then i said, but now, oh my god, it's SOUNDGARDEN!
whats fucked up is i made tapes of almost all of my shows and you can hear me back then
ten years ago
gushing over the wrong band
nirvana's nevermind was one of my favorite records of all time and now it's hard for me to listen to it
all the way through without getting very depressed and upset
each time i hear it it sounds just as hard and fresh and breathtaking and beautiful
i'll never know why someone who could make complete perfection would blow his brains out
i hope i will never really know what that feeling is all about.
if i ever became president, i would demand that the treasury put a picture of kurt on the one dollar bill
for just one year
as a tribute and as a royal dis.
whatever, nevermind.