. invalid

my boss called. why didnt you come in today. im sick. sick? sick with what? my back's killing me. sitting in that cab for 15 hours totally ruined my back. did you use those bead things? yes! i think thats what caused it all. well we need you healthy, i'll send over a doctor. i dont wanna see any doctor. we'll send over a nurse then. uhm ok. by the way, agent, nice work out there. no problem, boss. sonny, you were an inspiration out there. and i think your partner has the hots for you. nah, she has a boyfriend. i thought they just broke up? and besides, partners cant date. sonny, we want you to enjoy your job. we know you can seperate work from pleasure. no i can't. i think work should be pleasure. thats why i want to quit. thats why i did quit. we'll discuss this on monday. get better, have a good weekend. my back was killing me and i was drinking to dull it. there wasnt anything on tv. within minutes there was a knock on the door. i flipped the channel to my door cam. yep it was a nurse. young asian girl with a crazy white hat, white outfit. white sneakers. doormat cam showed me she had garters on. fucked up thing about working where i work: there are no secrets. im surprised she wasnt wearing a catholic girl skirt. i opened the door. she had a picnic basket resting in the crook of her arm. agent la vista? it sure aint grandma's house, lil girl. agent, i know who's house this is. may i come in? it all depends. whats the password. she looked at my white socks, made her way up my pajama bottoms, checked out my hundred year old hard rock tshirt, eyed my messy 'fro and looked at my eyes and smiled. yep, that was the password. she came in. she sat down. i offered her a marguerita. to my surprise she accepted it. i said do you always drink on duty? she said after im done with you im off duty and this shouldnt take long. i said, i dont know, im mighty sick. says here you just have some back pain, i'll massage it for you. i said, nah. she said, im really good at massages. she had cute little white gloves on. naughty ones. i wondered how i didnt notice those earlier. the booze. i said, nah. that could only lead to trouble. she said, pardon me, im a professional. i said, i dont doubt that. she said, nurse! i said, no offense, but i do have the type of twisted boss who would send over a working girl right after i broke up a prosititution ring. she got up and said, i had so much respect for you. i was looking forward to helping you ... people talk so well of you at the office and i cannot believe that you are really just a disgusting scumbag! i don't think you could insult me any worse than calling me a whore! good bye agent la vista. now i know why youre not a superagent.