. invalid pt 2

she tried to unlock the door. let me out of here! sorry thats the security system. only i can unlock it. im sorry. i didnt mean to insinuate anything. please forgive me. black is white, white is black, we're through the looking glass people. she said what are you babbling? i said nothing. please. your garters, your gloves ... you're drinking on the job. even if you were a hooker, id probably just wanna hang out and watch videos with you. well i am a nurse! but what videos do you have? i have this beastie boys appearance on snl. i have this nirvana live concert that i havent seen in a while. i have gwar. even chopper one. but we can only peek at that one. i didnt say i was staying, i just asked you a simple question. now how did you hurt your back? for two weeks i was stuck in this cab. oh, a lot of driving? actually i was sitting most of the time. tourist season is over, it's cold, it's rainy. no one is hanging out in santa monica right now so ive been sitting a lot and reading in a fucked up position. what have you been reading? shakespeare. nuh uh. yuh huh. well lower back pain just requires relaxation and rest. i can prescribe you some muscle relaxants and show you some stretching exercises. you know i dont even know your name. my name is not important. are you still mad at me? yes. oh shit, i didnt even know that. look i dont know what youve heard but i really dont care what anyone thinks about me but i do care if i have hurt someones feelings unintentionally. i really am sorry. within no time we were drunk. finally! i am not the type of person to hold back while doing anything. and probably for the last six months all i had been doing was holding back and it has been driving me nuts. why were you holding back? well you sorta said it, i have been trying to be accepted as a superagent and ive been watching what i wear, what i say, what i do. its horrible. its like there are two paths i could take, i could take the safe route or i could close my eyes and floor it. and for some reason im taking the safe route! thats not even me. well ive seen you work and i think youre wonderful. yeah well, if only my girl thought that. she didnt hear me. she smiled like she did and dipped into her bag and reapplied her lipstick. i said are you going somewhere? she said, i have chapped lips, this helps. she didnt have a mirror so she made a few extra passes at her lips. sometimes i like it when girls cheat at the game, sometimes i dont like it. she said i am going to kiss you, sonny. but i might kiss you longer if you tell me how you knew i was wearing garters. i said i have a little camera in the corner of the doormat it can swivel ninety degree to show me who is down the hall or it can swivel, in your case, up. she i swear to you, crawled across the floor to me which was heavenly because whatever meds she gave me were not working and i could barely move anywhere. all i could do was shake like a boy.