almost twenty







snoop me



the bears and the raiders have been playing out of their minds
and you knew that one of them was going to lose soon
but i thought that the team with jerry rice, tim brown,
rich gannon, sebastian janikowski, charles woodson
and lincoln kennedy would be able to handle
the phoenix cardinals. but no, they lost.

meanwhile the bears won again, somehow.

there are lots of lessons to learn from all of this,
im sure. heres one: sometimes no matter
what you do you cant lose: so show up, dummy.

the more i learn about ashley the more amazed i am
that she likes me.

these girls at work said that they like matthew perry
from friends better than brad pitt, no question.

and ashley likes me in my snow hat.

her flight was cancelled.

can someone get
even more lucky?


you could be
the chicago bears.