whenever i feel low, i hop in my flying car and talk to the children of the world.

usually they tell me to get the fuck off their corner. sometimes their moms call the cops on me, but usually i will get a nice smile and maybe a little tune if im lucky.

believe it or not, last week i was actually a little bit down.
here i am living a dream. life could not be better. how could it?

i'd go into great detail if you asked me to, but today at work i got paid to edit the closed captions of television shows featuring bikini girls, porn stars and celebrities.

paco played stairway to heaven on his little accordian and asked me if i had kissed any hot girls lately and i said yeah and he said, do you have any good channels on tv where you live and i said yeah. he said, what place is your favorite team in, and i said, the cubs are in first place and he said then why were you so bummed out that you flew your car out here and i said, i dont remember and he said i dont believe that you are completely drug free and i said i swear to you i am.

and then he spit in my eye.

sorry about the naked lady yesterday,
i just thought it looked funny.