im starting to organize all of the crazy pictures that i have. this is one of me with my grandpa one christmas while i was at ucsb. he was a college football coach and teacher down in georgia. also a referee. even though he was born in canada, everyone seems to think that his parents are from cuba.

i wouldnt mind being part cuban. but i have a big problem being considered part canadian. although neil peart was one a hero of mine. and fergie jenkins. we called him papa dugas. he called my sister angelina.

he bought us the tv that i grew up watching. it was a sears. it fucking ruled.

one christmas, way before this picture was taken, like in 1981 or something, my sister brought with her a record by the band ac/dc. it was a new one called "back in black". i listened to that record that whole christmas vacation.

papa dugas loved television and he loved ice cream. he had a dog named fritz. one night we were up late and i said, check out this new show, it's the david letterman show. and it was the first year it was on at night. papa dugas watched about 15 minutes of dave and said, this fella is a smartass, he'll never be anything. and searched the channels for a good western.

everyone thought he was gonna die before my grandma, but my grandma smoked and sixth months after she died - at 70 years old after 50 years of marriage -he married his high school sweetheart. the women in the family were pissed. he didnt give a shit.