people can say anything they want about me.
i don't care. they can say anything about my friends, my religion, my dick size,
my bad breath, my favorite sports teams, my local sports team, my political beliefs,
they can even talk shit about the country that i call my own.
but if they talk shit about my favorite rock group, tsar,
then i will have to fight them because they obliviously want their ass kicked.
tsar is a care package from another time, a covenant from Above,
the reason the sun comes out and the ladies say yes.
i cant imagine how people lived before tsar and i don't know
what life will be like after tsar, i imagine there will be a lot
of tribute bands and impersonators, as there should be.
all i know is theyre playing tonight at my favorite club,
my old radio sidekick will be there, mc brown will be there,
even my landlord will be there although he should be
fixing my leaky kitchen sink. it's all good.
he will probably go deaf from the punk rock. i hope i do.
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