raymi i miss you. i miss your blog and
your madness and the way you do everything.
i dont think ive ever met a better cohost
for a public access tv show called bloggers.
come back to america and fulfil the prophecy.
si vous plait?
ash anywhere you want my toronto maple leaf.
have you ever been mellow?
raymi remember my cat, losty?
i saw losty walking down the street
next to this lady and she said come along, socks.
and losty skipped next to her and then
fell on his back and rubbed around
with his paws up and she said come on socks.
and he kept his legs up and waited
and then finally got up and followed her
his way.
and he looked at me and i said socks?
and he hung his head in shame
cuz he knew it was complete bullshit too.









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