william carlos williams is a hero of mine. duh. but not because of his style of writing poetry or short stories or novels. i liked him because he was a normal guy who cruised around doing house calls as a doctor and then when he came home he would write about it and kiss his wife and go to sleep. normal guy. while my teachers were going crazy about the fact that he broke the line up in poetry and the red wheel barrow this, i was in awe of the fact that he got to meet all of these fascinating people and got to write about them. when i installed
stereos and satellite dishes
i, too, got to meet cool
people and so many
of them got me

everyone who knows me knows that i only do that stuff recreationally and little did i know that i had priced myself right out of the regular guy neighborhood and after a while i was almost solely putting up dishes in some of the swankiest condos in san francisco and in some of the biggest homes in northern california, and yes, children, some of these people were mixed up in some very illegal dealings. as in some dealt drugs and after they offered me some they offered to hook me up whenever i needed any. i never needed any. but there was this one
hells angels guy who smoked
me out in his little pad and

he was dying of this rare disease that he said is a total fluke to get and it made him fat and he pulled his bed out into the living room and he bought all this great equipment like a huge tv and a great stereo and his girl took care of him and he was probably the sweetest person i ever met. i said i swear this isnt the dope talking - which is quite good, thank you - but it's hard for me to believe that you were ever really a hell's angel. and he said i wasnt really an official hell's angel i only rode with them. and his girl added, during most of the seventies and most of the eighties, almost every damn day. and i said did you guys like what hunter wrote and he said we loved what hunter wrote.