the first time i noticed that my own people were following me around was when i traded in my corvette for a bus pass. i had originally done it after remembering how impossible it was to wear a wire inside a bus because of all the interference. so i started taking the bvs in case someone was trying to set me up. i know, paranoid, whatever, but that was a while back before i had the huge list of accomplishments that i have now. but i kept a fairly regular routine and all of a sudden ridership picked up exactly when i was taking the bus even though i established this weirdo santa monica to hollywood pattern where i would head east at about noon.

suddenly i didnt smell alcohol all over the place.

there was no vomit on the floors.

the smell of urine magically disappeared.

and all the ads inside the bus, as well as the grafitti was gone.

however, if i was early or late for the noon bus things were miraculously old school.


it made me wonder if these people were educated at the same place that i went.