when i was to return from my day out
me and rene faught like crazy
i hate the month of pisces
but heres the trick to fighting with your girl
all fights must be done naked
i have told you this before
but we had pajamas on

if i had known that i was going to go through that
when i passed the original home of my old company
i probably would have double checked
to see if i really was taping survivor or not.

good news was we kept it in the bedroom
it only lasted twenty minutes

then i said you can climb in here and hug me now.

and then we were looking at the ceiling

and i said five years. four years of every night sleeping together and maybe three weeks not, means we've spent over thirteen hundred nights holding each other.

and maybe one of em we went to sleep mad at each other.

i say discover new truths in relationships

and then follow them.

and steal from the brady bunch whenever possible.