any time i use santa monica blvd to take me through beverly hills i look at three things, the beverly hills cop building

madonnas maverick records building

and playboys west coast head quarters

and each time that i pass those places i think that i need to write playboy and maverick a letter explaining that i need to be working for them. but usually something ends up happening when i get home and those letters are never sent.

someone said i had a good resume so that gave me some confidence.

but this friend of mine - former cohort, really - didnt even write me back after i sent her my resume and her whole job is to find people jobs, so it made me a little nervous.

beverly hills has its shit together in so many ways, but why shouldnt it? in actuality it is a municipality that gets a ton of cash off property and sales tax - which is why the city hall is so gorgeous.

but the roads that intersect santa monica right next to the city hall (rodeo, bedford, etc.) dont have their traffic lights synchronized so it takes a full ten minutes to get from wilshire to doheny via santa monica blvd and i have always wondered why that is.