i have lived in california longer than in any other state. and i have lived in los angeles now three different times. once in 84 then in 93 and then i came back in 98. i left to go to santa barbara and then to go to san francisco. tomorrow i am going to san francisco, but relax, not for good. just for the weekend to see weezer with my good friend.

i cant say that ive spent much time in west hollywood but i can say that i have never gotten used to hearing helicopters the way you do when you live in la.

this green chopper sits ominiously atop the sherrif dept.

why they think they need a copter in west hollywood is beyond me. and a green one at that. its almost like its the bat copter except its the green hornets copter.

west hollywood is known as the part of LA where the gay/lesbian/transgendered tend to live.

since i am pretty obviously none of the above, i havent really spent much time on this particular stretch of SM Blvd. but i will give you this little insight about dating girls who are either les or bi. do it! by all means do it. not because you're going toget involved in any of the mythical threesomes that hustler will have you believe, but because of this: invariably you are going to want to get it on one night that your gf will not. if she rejects you and she is les/bi all you have to say to yourself is, hey this chick likes chicks, dont take it personally. and then if she wants to get it on or kiss you or mess around you can say, wow, you're quite a stud if shes into you and not into that hot chick over there with the leather skirt and go go boots.

any time you want tips of this sort, now you know where to come.