people who are homophobic really oughtta relax. the gays have a pretty awesome sense of humor and all you have to do is drive down the street and you will see that. maybe living in frisco for as long as i did helped me deal with my own little brand of homophobia but i pretty much got over it. now im just asshole phobic -or maybe i should say dick phobic. hmmm how do i say this. jerk phobic. nope that didnt seem to work.

ok hows this, i dont like mean people. i dont like people who lie to you, i dont like people who treat you like shit. i dont like people who have no courage or who dont trust you or people who judge you without getting to know you. those are people who i consider dicks.

i dont like those people too much.

but people who have cool names for their leather stores, i like those people and if they want a man to kiss, good for them. one of my friends kissed me once while i was hitting on this girl and it made me realize that stubble is something that i really dont want. it didnt feel good. not to me. it also made me realize that for sure id rather kiss girls.

and even though i think i look sorta foxy with stuble, if i ever start going on dates and if a girl sees that i have shaved, she should know that i did that just incase we end up macking i wont scratch up her soft face.

by the way do you know why 666 is the devil number? ok i'll tell you. in Revelations (not the Iron Maiden tune) God says that the beast will have that number written on his head. and that is because God says that only 1/3 of the world will end up believing in Him and the rest will be non-believers, like the Devil. and 1/3 put into percentages is .333 and 2/3 is .666 and you wanna hear something really trippy? ok everyone says the Bible is crap and lies and made for a differnet time and its propaganda and especially Revelations is just a crazy Sci-Fi acid trip ... right now on Planet Earth exactly one third of the planet considers themselves Christians. trippy, huh?

p.s. im not done with this trip, we havent even gotten to my new bachelor pad in east hollywood so come back later and all will be well.