decided to pick
the month of pisces to
find a new job
find a new pad
break up with babe of five years
and fix bicycle

i could have done these things long ago
but i procrastinated, sat around
AOL IMed all these barely legal teens
got in fights with big wigs at the fbi
forraged for signs of intelligent life in old boxes of poems
and letters.
burned cds, sent out gifts,
got championed

i ran into a donna who shot me a dirty look

shit, so much has happened and since i am at a loss for words
and since a picture says a thousand words
and since rolling stone paid a former dislexic cohort of mine
a buck a word

i decided to bust with the photo essay for your sorry asses

this is the shit that just went down today
starting at ten twenty six am

ten twenty six am
got the hell out the house