one of the problems that she had with some of her friends, including me, was she seemed to have this big chip on her shoulder. there was an anger there that she, in my opinoin, spent too much time paying attention to. when she wanted to just be happy she was so fun, so cool, and as you can see, devistatingly beautiful. perfect example of a scorpio, which she wore with pride.

but if she wanted to give into her dark side, it was lights out. in her wake she left all of her best friends, boys and girls alike and she would write about how they had hurt her and how they were wrong and she'd carry that around for so long that you'd think, what is the deal here babe. and shed say dont call me babe. and its too bad that she couldnt find a way to harness that energy because i am telling you it was powerful.probably the best thing that i ever did on the radio i did with her. there was this excellent band that you probably never heard of called Mary's Danish. well they came to our school many times and one day they were to play for free in our plaza in the middle of school to encourage the students to register to vote. Lucky for us, they came on the day that me and AJ's show was on and we got to interview them right before they were to take the stage. I think our show started at 10am and they were to rock at noon. because AJ and I both loved Mary's Danish, and because I had just interviewed one of them for the paper that day and because she and I had done this sort of thing a few times, the show was flawless. Basically it felt like 5 people in a basement with a great record collection chit-chatting about music, life and politics. Because we were a college radio station there were no commercials and awesome music. Turned out the drummer JB had played drums as a teen for Chuck Mangione for his big hit "Feels So Good" and lucky us, we had it and threw it on before the Mudhoney single was completely done. it was perfect. And let me tell you, it would not have been nearly as good without AJ - who JB developed a supercute crush over.