eventually i moved on to date jeanine for a few years and everyone loves jeanine and aj loved her too. so we stayed friends all though that. we even stayed friends when i moved down to LA after breaking up with Jeanine. and one day AJ was passing through town to head into Riverside. now i dont know what possessed AJ to do this, but for some reason she picked up my Anais Nin book and started reading it aloud to me. i thought to myself, holy mackeral, this girl is trying to seduce you! now i am someone who tries very hard to be a gentleman, the problem is theres a very dirty old man buried deep inside of me and the real problem is he likes to get out and seems to know the path. well our friend amy jo - who now is a quasi-sex expert in NYC - was doing her best to call out that dirty old man that night in Atwater Village and she did an excellent job. and that was the first time that we ever did - it. was i good? no. was she beautiful? yes. and what was so amazing was that she had gotten a nipple ring and i had not known about it and she said that it was painful as hell and i believe her, but people, it was such a cool thing and pretty much the only thing that i remember with any detail. again, normally, i dont talk about such things, but the all AJ talks about these days is sex, so i doubt she'll consider any of this off-limits, and if she does, im sure i'll hear about it. this picture cracks me up, by the way cuz it was a party at my house where someone brought over a Nitrous tank and you can see the tube on the lower right and the passed out foot of my good buddy Joe. What i also like about it is AJ is wearing my pajamas, which were my grampas pajamas, but you have to admit, they never looked as good as they did in this picture. bad news - after that memorable night, i drove her back to Riverside only to hear on the radio that Kurt Cobain had killed himself. I was completely on cloud 9 from the night before and I turned off the radio and put in a cd since the announcer (Richard Blade) said that it was unconfirmed since the face was unrecognizeable. And that is how AJ and I were together during the very begining and very end of Grunge.