hey what the heck is this? this is me and chris in Spain years later with ali barney laura os dan and steve. not pictured are
about 16 of our other friends who all made it out to see Tsar rock madrid. ali orderd the paella and sangria and it was easilly the
second best meal of our trip. dont go to spain for the food. and dont go for new years, unless a ton of your friends are there and Tsar is playing.
me and chris saw some fabulous art and stayed at a swanky hotel and walked around hand in hand arm in arm and rang in the
millenium in style with our friends. people, i ask you, how do you beat that? i'll tell you how, you also go dancing in an underground
club where they are not ashamed to throw on the beastie boys and when they serve you rum and coke they give you the bottle of coke. class!