dude, so i havent even told you how we met. chris read my articles in the paper at ucsb and her best friend was a really good writer for us too, and one day we met at a party and i dont even remember it but chris does cuz she says that i was with jeanine and we looked so happy together. well turns out years later she and her friend moved to sf and stayed at the house that i was living in - this big victorian on haight. they just needed a room to crash in while looking for apartments. for whatever reason i blew chris off but her crush lingered even though she saw what a pig i was and how retarded i can be. they ended up staying with us for like 2 months and instead of rent, they cleaned up the place and did the dishes which was great cuz our house was 4 messy dudes.

about a week before they were going to move out chris and i went to the House of Nanking and really weirdly there was some sexual tension that we both felt. well, on the last night that she was to stay at our house, she decided to watch tv in my room. i was downstairs drinking with the boys and i call it a night, go into my room and see her on my bed watching northern exposure. and after a while i go, well, if youre going to stay here you gotta get under the covers cuz im hitting the hay - and she jumped me!

ladies. if you ever want your man, i highly recommend jumping him. a week later i tried to blow her off but she would have none of it. she closed me. she said, i cant believe you dont even want to have drink with me. so i said fine. she was right too. i was acting dumb. and after that we were pretty much inseparble - to the dismay of her best friend, who knew i was no good. but the truth was we really did love each other almost right away. i mean look at this picture. this was in may, only a month after the jumping at the first tibetian freedom concert. thats beck on stage and thats what i look like when im really happy - which was probably 99 per cent of the time when i was with her and the one percent of the time i was being a dumb boy.

well thats all i care to share with you at this time. i will miss calling her my girlfriend. its hard to call anyone the best that you were lucky enough to be with, but chris was definately the longest relationship ive had and on paper you would never think itd work out. shes just so classy and normal and im just such a freak, but thats why they play the game. we could always be totally honest. we risked like mad. and it all paid off big time. so big time. i really cant imagine a more fullfilling experience and im so glad we'll be in the same town for a little while together cuz i will really miss those pale blue eyes every day. im sure you would miss em too.

im glad i made this tribute to all these girls. i dont think i will be very sad in the coming months because now that i have made this i feel like i have been completely blessed by the man upstairs and im sure he has something else under his sleeve and the coolest part if you look closely at these stories is, you never know where or when its gonna come down so you may as well just have fun and enjoy the ride.