linda liked all the things that we all liked, zeppelin, floyd, the dead, hendrix, camping, drinking, whatever, but she hated to be tied down and it seemed like every guy that she met wanted to lock her up and keep her as his. big mistake. so when, after two years of knowing each other, she asked me on the cliffs of isla vista to be her boyfriend i said, you're crazy, you dont want that. she said, you're the only one who really knows me. i said, no way. she said, yes, please. i said, dude, if i have a girlfriend here in IV i need lots of sex. she said, that wont be a problem. dont ever forget that line, fellas. i said, no, it will never work out. and she said please a few more times and i gave in and said yes, and a few days later i found out that my new girlfriend was cheating on me and man was i pissed.

the thing about this girl was when she wanted to disappear she could do it faster and better than anyone. even in a town of 1 square mile, she could befriend someone and hole up there until she was ready to be discovered. or she would hitchhike somewhere or allow someone to take her somewhere. and that week i could not find her but all i heard were reports that she was with this guy or that guy and i didnt understand, so i started cheating on her. only time i ever cheated was during those two weeks and i cheated a lot! i kid and say that the most sex i ever got from a girlfriend was from the two weeks that linda and i "dated" and the irony was we never did it during that time. when i found her, i broke up and she understood and all was cool again. i ended up lucky though. one guy who fell for her, was found in a dress with two broken legs because he somehow jumped out of a two story apartment. one guy got thrown out of his apartment after his gf found out he had showered with her. many guys ended up hooked on whatever drug was around at the time and several just ended up with a broken heart. i only have very fond memories of this very wild child who still makes my heart beat to this day. i am also one of the very few people who have been allowed to photograph her and i think we're all very fortunate for that.