so like i said we wrote to each other almost every day my senior year of high school and of course we called each other a few times a week too but that shit never works out, but i will tell you one thing that it was good for, it was good to be in love with someone who loved you back and it was good to try to write interesting new ways of saying the same old thing. and everyone should have a super smart six foot blonde at some point of your life and starting off with one is not so bad.

here you see mary with Bear, which actually has a little bear that hes hugging and you can take the little bear out if you want, but why would you do that?

once when i visited mary we were in the back seat and the cops shined the light in the car and threatened to call her parents. they said what are you doing here i said im visiting. its all i could think of. i mean it was a pretty spectacular view. i shoulda said what are you doing here? what should two teenage kids in a cadillac be doing in america? what, you're gonna tell her dad shes alive? no wonder people call you pigs. thats what i shoulda said.