one thing that i really loved about michele was her interest in foreign films. we spent many nights and weekends in lamelle's santa monica and the teeny theatres of the beverly center. when "my life as a dog" opened at the Wilshire we actually got to meet the little boy, which was pretty cool. in 87 though, i moved up to santa barbara to go to school. michele still lived in malibu and we made ventura our halfway meeting point. after a few months at ucsb it became obvious to michele that it wasnt going to work out with us so she broke up with me for the fourth and final time in the parking lot at the Golf N Stuff in ventura which had been the scene of one of the funniest encounters that we had had a few months previous. on that day i was bummed because i was broker than id ever been. i said, "look at this quarter michele, i am so broke that this is the last quarter to my name." she saw that i was totally freaked and she took the quarter and whipped it out the window. that made me laugh my ass off. the day we broke up however i cried so hard that it was like one of those wild rainstorms when you think, fuck the sky is really opening up. libras really dont cry too often and definately for not a very long time but this was different. and to this day i have never cried like that - nor do i ever hope to. but one of the good things about it was it was a complete ending and as i drove north on the 101 back to my town of 10,000 women squeezed into one square mile i wondered if i would ever meet a girl like ms. g again. the bad news is, no, i still havent. the good news is, i did get to meet a few other poets and journalists. i just never thought it would happen so quickly.