sweet ass website #1
written, designed, produced & maintained by Shelia, libra, 18, bay area

supertsar7 : sheila, that is one amazing layout you have
kicksheila : youre a superstar!!
supertsar7 : actually, you're the superstar
supertsar7 : i have just awarded you Best Layout o'week
kicksheila : aw
kicksheila : where at?
supertsar7 : you now are top of my Hot Topics list
supertsar7 : would you like to say a few words to your new fans?
kicksheila : "i like cheese!"
kicksheila : :-D
kicksheila : thank ya
supertsar7 : i couldnta said it better myself
supertsar7 : honestly, how did you come about such a kickass layout? what inspired you?
supertsar7 : the kids need to know
kicksheila : haha
kicksheila : i duno
kicksheila : i was stoned?
supertsar7 : wait a sec, is that really you on that web cam pic?
kicksheila : yeah
supertsar7 : youre telling me a sexy hot chick made this site?
kicksheila : hahaha
supertsar7 : your dad helped you, admit it
kicksheila : :-*
kicksheila : i dont live with my dad
kicksheila : or my mom
kicksheila : but thanks for assuming that all girls are dumb!
kicksheila : :-\
supertsar7 : jk, sweetheart
supertsar7 : are you learning this stuff in school, or are you just naturally brilliant - and funny?
kicksheila : oh you
supertsar7 : im serious
kicksheila : :-)
kicksheila : please continue!
supertsar7 : you seem to have a thing for fat chicks, please explain
kicksheila : i was playing in whois trying to see what domains were taken
kicksheila : and i put in cheesythighs and it wasnt!
kicksheila : so yeah
kicksheila : the end
supertsar7 : uhm, i didnt ask you how you came across the name, i asked you about your affinity for overweight women
kicksheila : thats how it started
kicksheila : from the domain name
supertsar7 : ah, i see
supertsar7 : not that it's any of our business, but approximately how many hits does your site get on an average day?
kicksheila : my traffic is pretty much split on the two sites i run
supertsar7 : two sites?
kicksheila : yeah i also run
supertsar7 : so, a thousand hits a day, three thousand?
kicksheila : cheesythighs gets ~600
kicksheila : chickenlegs gets ~1200
supertsar7 : in your "projects" section you describe as "lesbian e/n." --- forgive me for my ignorance, but what the hell does that mean?
kicksheila : haha
kicksheila : lots of people call it "butch" because we're not very girly
supertsar7 : i realize that the chewy chocolate center of your humor is sarcasm, but you write that you have had a b/f for a year - and yet there are all these mentions of women and lesbianism ... what should young men (or women) take from this?
kicksheila : its just for shits and giggles
kicksheila : IM not a lesbian but IM comfortable with my sexuality
supertsar7 : you have a link that appropriately says "buy me shit now" - whats the best thing youve received?
kicksheila : dvds
kicksheila : heh
kicksheila : :D
supertsar7 : Yes or No, ARS has made you a bunch of cash.
kicksheila : yes
kicksheila : over $1200 so far
supertsar7 : for a dumb guy (like me) that only gets about 500 hits a day, do you think it's worth it for me to try?
kicksheila : as long as you follow their TOS IM sure you'd make something
kicksheila : but i duno
supertsar7 : what should i make sure to obey?
kicksheila : one of my 21 year old friends got her account canceled for nothing
kicksheila : but then other people like nay who are 14 got $2000
supertsar7 : nay is 14? that crazy blonde chick?
kicksheila : yeah
kicksheila : i know i was shocked when i found out how young she was
kicksheila : but shes very cool
supertsar7 : ok, real quick, in absolute honesty, you're not really into n*sync
kicksheila : :-X
kicksheila : SHHH
supertsar7 : have you heard of this rock band called Tsar?
kicksheila : naw dawg
supertsar7 : check em out. seriously. but final question, ready?
supertsar7 : whats your sign, babe?
kicksheila : libra big daddy
supertsar7 : no way
supertsar7 : i'm 10/22
kicksheila : 10/07 right here
supertsar7 : now i know your secret
: what year?
supertsar7 : 08
kicksheila : IM assuming you meant 80
supertsar7 : 08
: OK Libra chick, IM gonna post this on my site real soon, maybe even tonight
supertsar7 : is that cool with you?
kicksheila : :-D
kicksheila : very
supertsar7 : Congrats Sheila, keep up the great work!
supertsar7 : oh, one more question, you dont hafta answer
supertsar7 : cuz it doesnt really matter
kicksheila : shooot
kicksheila : supahstah
supertsar7 : do i see a little persian in your eyes?
kicksheila : haha yup
supertsar7 : ow!
kicksheila : howd ya know
kicksheila : most people guess mexican or greek
kicksheila : or something else brown
supertsar7 : i used to live in Westwood, a mecca of hot chicks like you
kicksheila : ahaha
kicksheila : persian bitches more like
supertsar7 : totally
supertsar7 : cya later, kid
kicksheila : youre leavin?
supertsar7 : do you wanna plug the Survivor Cam thing?
kicksheila : but i got a project to procrastinate for!
kicksheila : sure
supertsar7 : whats the Survivor thing all about?
kicksheila : theres 16 cam folks and they gotta outwit/outwhore eachother with their cam
kicksheila : theres vote offs every few days
supertsar7 : is it for reals?
kicksheila : the winner gets a couple hundred dollars
supertsar7 : or fake?
kicksheila : reals
kicksheila : why would it be fake
supertsar7 : its hard to trust things on the web
supertsar7 : do you hafta be on the web 24/7 or something?
kicksheila : naw
kicksheila : not at all
supertsar7 : OK, thats it, i hope to see ya later Shelia!