the souls of black folk //

i worry a little about burning in hell. of course i do. just like i worry about never having kids or never falling in love with a great girl again. or not ever having a house. yeah these are fucked up ridiculous things to worry about but thats the nature of doubt. it's not logical. it's the little part of our minds that we allow the devil to sublease. it's cool. i guess one reason that i dont write about work in here is because as soon as you let those floodgates open there's no stopping. also, working at the fbi is pretty much like working anywhere else. it's not all that fascinating. hate to break it to ya. it's what you make it. i worked at mcdonalds for my first job and the kids taught me to breakdance, i learned how to cook, i even got a date with the hottest girl there. still i bet the guy who worked right next to me probably would say "fuck mcdonalds, that place sucked." and maybe it did suck for him. and i would call him a dumbshit because i learned tons there. meanwhile the fbi is getting old. i wanna change. i wanna do something that i can get dirty doing and love and find ways to create miracles - not out of boredom - but because that is what is needed at that time. isn't that what everyone wants? do people really want to punch the clock and be told what to do and just wax on wax off all day? fuck that. i feel sorry for those people. i know you're not supposed to feel sorry for people (because it is a stuck-up thing to do) but people who cannot figure out a way to make their 8 hours exciting deserve all of our pity. fucking George W found a job thats gonna keep him on his toes and you know what, i bet fuckhead sticks a gun in his mouth within two years once he realizes that life aint nothin but bitches and money. could you imagine if we had a president who packed Straight Outta Compton and brought it with him to Penn. Ave? how cool would that be. maybe that's what we should ask our presidential candidates next time, "what cds will you be bringing with you?"

my mom tracked me down at work and she said why is it so hard to reach you and i said because here at the fbi we really dont want to make it easy for people to just call up and - anyhow she said what do you think of these Blacks being Sec't of State and Security Gal and whathaveyou and i said mom i suppose it is progress but until Colin Powell gets on TV and says, we need more titties on tv, more violence in the video games and less restrictions on plants that get you high, I am going to pretend that they're all white people. I am 100 times more happy that tonight on Monday Night Football there was the NFL defending champs who got their fucking ass beat by a team that not only had a Black coach but a Black quarterback and when their running back got in trouble he lateraled to the Black quarterback who then ran for the all-important first down, which lead to the win. And you never never never see that with a white quarter back and you never never see that with a white coach. and of course i am proud to be Black. but i am more proud to be American. And in American football you take the best people and put them in the best situations and a sellout fuck cunt Secretary of State is not the best person for the situation because he is a pussy ass bitch too scared of his own shadow to run for the top spot and therefore just another bullshit artist. and 'Ho incharge of Security helped George W's entire campaign! there was times when i was reaching down the pants of some new girl that i had met in a club and for a spit second you worry "if i grab a dick im gonna scream." and i dont know any Blacks who'd ever want George W. to win at even a horseshoe game and if i reached into her soul i would not feel anything good. i am sure of that. lets see how many non Clarence Thomas Black supreme court justices he appoints since he's so color blind all of a damn sudden.