MrciaBrdy (3:51:41 PM): hi!
MrciaBrdy (3:51:50 PM)
: ive been waiting oh -so - patiently
supertsar7 (3:51:53 PM)
: hi ashley
supertsar7 (3:51:56 PM): have you?
supertsar7 (3:51:59 PM): thats sweet
MrciaBrdy (3:52:04 PM): of course
supertsar7 (3:53:09 PM)
: i have some bad news
MrciaBrdy (3:53:20 PM): what??
supertsar7 (3:53:25 PM)
: i cant go to vegas
MrciaBrdy (3:53:41 PM): ... whyyyyy
supertsar7 (3:53:56 PM)
: something suddenly came up
MrciaBrdy (3:54:10 PM): like what
supertsar7 (3:54:37 PM)
: thats not a good enough reason?
MrciaBrdy (3:55:05 PM): no
supertsar7 (3:55:14 PM)
: it works on tv
MrciaBrdy (3:55:14 PM): that means you wanna go out with doug simpson instead
supertsar7 (3:55:25 PM)
: thats right
MrciaBrdy (3:55:49 PM): i'll throw a football at your nose
MrciaBrdy (3:55:50 PM)
: come on, whats really up?
supertsar7 (3:56:31 PM)
: everyones getting freaked out that im going there to meet you
supertsar7 (3:56:38 PM): its giving me a headache
MrciaBrdy (3:56:47 PM): wow
MrciaBrdy (3:57:57 PM)
: i dont know what to say
supertsar7 (3:58:12 PM)
: theres not a lot to say
MrciaBrdy (3:58:32 PM): im just very surprised
supertsar7 (3:59:40 PM)
: you knew that people were being weird
supertsar7 (3:59:46 PM): you even started being weird
MrciaBrdy (4:00:05 PM): i also know that you act like you're the last person on earth who would care about what their friends thought in such a situation
MrciaBrdy (4:00:07 PM)
: & how was i weird
supertsar7 (4:01:25 PM)
: i am the last person to care about what my friends think
supertsar7 (4:01:31 PM): now its the first persons turn
MrciaBrdy (4:01:58 PM): well that hurts my feelings, but theres nothing i can do
supertsar7 (4:02:19 PM)
: theres nothing i can do either, ive tried
MrciaBrdy (4:02:52 PM): tried what
supertsar7 (4:03:15 PM)
: ive tried to get people to be cool about it, but im not that persuasive
MrciaBrdy (4:03:26 PM): why do you need anyones permision?
supertsar7 (4:03:41 PM)
: because i have to be with them all the time
MrciaBrdy (4:03:54 PM): i see
MrciaBrdy (4:04:20 PM)
: interesting the shit you gave me for being hesitant about the ginger/weezer situation
MrciaBrdy (4:04:32 PM)
: hypocrisy is really unattractive
supertsar7 (4:04:34 PM)
: what shit was that?
MrciaBrdy (4:05:16 PM): oh i dont know, maybe you totally going off on me for feeling weird telling her b/c you're so much older
MrciaBrdy (4:06:03 PM)
: but whatever, your mind is clearly made up so theres no need to talk about it anymore
supertsar7 (4:06:52 PM)
: you still feel weird about my age, and so do my friends
supertsar7 (4:07:42 PM): so maybe i am the weirdo - which wouldnt be the first time
MrciaBrdy (4:07:43 PM): theres no reason to discuss this
supertsar7 (4:07:49 PM)
: ok then
MrciaBrdy (4:08:32 PM): so what else is new
supertsar7 (4:09:09 PM)
: maintenence man fixed my broken bathroom window
MrciaBrdy (4:09:26 PM): awesome
supertsar7 (4:09:37 PM)
: sorta
MrciaBrdy (4:09:45 PM): why not?
supertsar7 (4:09:57 PM)
: i didnt mind the hole in it
supertsar7 (4:10:43 PM): im depressed, im going to go now
MrciaBrdy (4:10:50 PM): whats wrong???
MrciaBrdy (4:10:51 PM)
: tony
supertsar7 (4:11:13 PM)
: i dont think i should chat with you any more
MrciaBrdy (4:11:56 PM): what???
supertsar7 (4:12:25 PM)
: you should be chatting with people your own age
MrciaBrdy (4:12:32 PM): oh my gosh
MrciaBrdy (4:12:37 PM)
: are you fucking kidding me here?
supertsar7 (4:12:41 PM)
: i wish i was
MrciaBrdy (4:12:56 PM): what the hell!
supertsar7 (4:14:01 PM)
: i think youre a great girl
supertsar7 (4:14:14 PM): but i dont think that this is good for either of us any more
MrciaBrdy (4:14:18 PM): what is wrong with you?
supertsar7 (4:14:49 PM)
: im just feeling very old suddenly
MrciaBrdy (4:14:58 PM): why
MrciaBrdy (4:15:02 PM)
: & so what
supertsar7 (4:16:18 PM)
: not until i started chatting with you has anyone ever mentioned my age - other than to say, no way, you look 21
supertsar7 (4:17:02 PM): but as soon as i started chatting with you - everyone, including you, has felt the need to tell me how many birthdays ive had - like it even makes a difference
MrciaBrdy (4:17:27 PM): so now you dont want to talk to me b/c it makes you feel depressed about your age??
supertsar7 (4:17:52 PM)
: yep
MrciaBrdy (4:17:58 PM): can we talk about htis?
supertsar7 (4:18:07 PM)
: arent we?
MrciaBrdy (4:18:11 PM): talk talk
supertsar7 (4:18:37 PM)
: see, i remember when that record came out
supertsar7 (4:18:51 PM): but whats the use, im only getting older
MrciaBrdy (4:19:38 PM): what the hell is with people thinking they can just decide not to talk to me or be my friend anymore. do you have any idea how that makes me feel???
supertsar7 (4:20:10 PM)
: i think i have a general idea
MrciaBrdy (4:20:32 PM): well i think it SUCKS & is horribly selfish
supertsar7 (4:21:06 PM)
: what would you do?
supertsar7 (4:21:19 PM): keep the one friend and lose the others?
MrciaBrdy (4:21:36 PM): i would NEVER just shove someone out of my life like that. & if my "friends" demanded i did so, then shit, what kind of friends are those?
supertsar7 (4:23:14 PM)
: again, if they all think that im doing the wrong thing, and if you are even sorta creeped out, then i must be the asshole
supertsar7 (4:23:18 PM): so i should stop
MrciaBrdy (4:24:43 PM): what youre doing right now is being an asshole
MrciaBrdy (4:24:44 PM)
: im sorry
MrciaBrdy (4:24:48 PM)
: i hate to say that
MrciaBrdy (4:24:50 PM)
: but this is shitty
MrciaBrdy (4:24:55 PM)
: we're supposed to be FRIENDS
supertsar7 (4:25:25 PM)
: its because we're friends that i am telling you this and not just ignoring you
MrciaBrdy (4:26:00 PM): how generous of you. letting me know ahead of time that youre goign to blow me off
supertsar7 (4:26:32 PM)
: do you chat for hours and hours with all of your friends?
MrciaBrdy (4:26:40 PM): no
supertsar7 (4:26:57 PM)
: we can just be like normal friends then
MrciaBrdy (4:28:19 PM): ha yeah
supertsar7 (4:28:46 PM)
: you dont think so?
MrciaBrdy (4:29:10 PM): i cant imagine what you would do if i was the one to say all this
MrciaBrdy (4:30:57 PM)
: youre totally breaking my heart :-(
supertsar7 (4:31:42 PM): im sorry
MrciaBrdy (4:31:56 PM): are you?
supertsar7 (4:32:00 PM)
: of course i am
supertsar7 (4:32:42 PM): you mean alot to me
MrciaBrdy (4:33:37 PM): sure
supertsar7 (4:33:59 PM)
: you have been on my web page more than any other person other than me
supertsar7 (4:34:03 PM): proof is in the pudding
supertsar7 (4:34:25 PM): ive sent you tons of cool stuff, i talk to you on the phone, i chat with you
supertsar7 (4:34:32 PM): for hours and hours and hours
MrciaBrdy (4:34:39 PM): & now you want nothing to do with me
MrciaBrdy (4:34:41 PM)
: what happened!
supertsar7 (4:35:04 PM)
: you and the others convinced me that i am too old to be doing this with you
MrciaBrdy (4:35:24 PM): what did i do
supertsar7 (4:36:14 PM)
: over the last few days you started mentioning my age all the time and not mentioning my name on your page
MrciaBrdy (4:36:24 PM): WHAT
supertsar7 (4:37:21 PM)
: (see, in a chat, "what", doesn't add much, since it is assumed that you read clearly that which i just typed)
supertsar7 (4:44:15 PM): i meant that as a joke
MrciaBrdy (4:44:22 PM): i know that
MrciaBrdy (4:44:33 PM)
: im signing off
MrciaBrdy (4:44:37 PM)
: id be thrilled if you called
MrciaBrdy (4:44:39 PM)
: bye
supertsar7 (4:44:42 PM)
: can i tell you
MrciaBrdy (4:44:45 PM): what
supertsar7 (4:44:46 PM)
: a few things first
supertsar7 (4:44:55 PM): i think you are totally cool
supertsar7 (4:45:03 PM): i think you are totally beautiful
supertsar7 (4:45:07 PM): i love how smart you are
supertsar7 (4:45:20 PM): i have loved being your super close friend
supertsar7 (4:45:29 PM): and i will miss you a lot
supertsar7 (4:45:42 PM): and i wish i could do something about my age
supertsar7 (4:46:08 PM): i really dont know how to say any of that without "hurting" you
MrciaBrdy (4:46:14 PM): dont do this please
MrciaBrdy signed off at 4:46:17 PM
supertsar7 (4:46:17 PM): oh i liked your picture on your site today

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