supertsar7: my friend just wont stop crying
Slayfaith01: huh?
supertsar7: buffys not really dead
supertsar7: right?
Slayfaith01: She'll be back
supertsar7: how do i convince her?
Slayfaith01: I think she might be stuck in that demon deminsion
supertsar7: nice
Slayfaith01: you know the portal thing
supertsar7: i dont, but she might
Slayfaith01: the creator just wanted to scare people
supertsar7: your page is going to get soooo many hits
Slayfaith01: he's doing the worst he can cause it's the 100th ep
supertsar7: oooooooh
supertsar7: i never thought of that
Slayfaith01: I'm really sure she will be back
Slayfaith01: they brought Angel back from Hell
supertsar7: another good point!
supertsar7: adios, amigo!