as you know, ashley is a huge fan of jennifer jason leigh.
the egyptian was showing a retrospective of her career. on tuesday
they screened her latest flick, "the anniversary party," co-written,
produced and directed by jjl. it was a great film. and afterwards
they had a 20 minute interview session. we were close but not as
close as this one guy who scored an autograph.
last night, they showed Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Last
Exit to Brooklyn. they had another question time and we ran up
to the front row during the credits of Fast Times to be as close as
possible. after the innerview, jjl signed some posters
for her good fans, and ashley gushed and jjl took
her time, was incredibly sweet and signed this
very rare ad that she posed for. after
we took the picture on my front page.
it was dark and thats why the pic
isnt so good but when you get
to meet your
heroes, who
really cares?

jjl is really
really short
and really
really cool.