have i ever told you i have the greatest friends? i do. i only had two requests of pj for our "date". the first was that we dont bring any dress-up clothes. i wanted to be comfortable and i didnt want to pack a suitcase, all i wanted to lug around was my little green day-pack. surprisingly, she was cool with that and left the betsy johnson dresses in LA. the other was that we stay at my college friend's condo on California street. my friend is also in the agency but i didnt want to tell pj that, i wanted her to think i had regular friends outside of work. i dont. im a nerd.

even though i wasnt into her, for whatever reason i wanted pj to think i was cool. i hadnt seen my friend in an entire year and she was in europe and i asked if i could crash at her sweet pad and amazingly enough she said yes. she had a request that i feed her cat and of course i agreed.

little did i know that i would be semi-allergic to the cat and after the show pj and i made hot cider and watched "forrest gump" and i wrapped up in a white blanket that, of course, was full of cat hair and i weezed all night.

when we woke up in the morning, pj had fixed up some french toast with whipped cream and we took some nitrous hits and walked outside to the cherry blossom festival and listened to the japanese drummers bang on their orange drums and for a quick second i thought frisco was ok.

afterwards we drove around the city. pj loves to make up games and in this one game she'd punch my shoulder every time she saw a pink house. my shits still bruised. i got her back though, she hates taking pictures and i suckered her into a few.