after a quick tour around the city including a peek at the best burger king of all time,
we crossed the bridge over to sausalito for lunch at Scoma's. may i recommend the "Lazy Man's Cioppino".
what you get is a big bowl of seafood lovin. first its a tomato broth, then add fresh scallops,
shrimps, baby shrimps, clams, and huge prawns. theres probably some other stuff in there
but nothing nasty and even though it's twenty bucks a bowl, i say its worth it just
for the view. actually the cioppino totally rules and i would order it to-go if i lived in town.
after we stuffed ourselves we cruised over to the richmond bridge to see San Quentin and then
we zipped through Berkeley to pick up our friends in Oaktown and our soon-to-be evil
friend over in Alameda. when the shit went down all i did was remember what a nice lunch i
had overlooking the bay where i learned how to sail when i was sixteen.