taurus gurls love nature. yeah, the other ones do too, but it shouldnta surprised me when pj said she wanted to see the redwoods. didnt i tell you? she had never ever been to frisco before! crazy, i know. but unfortunately we sorta got a late start since we had to clean up the pacific heights crib, grab some princess prawns on 24th and Irving before being completely entertained by phillipe's excellent mom. since our flight was taking off at 9pm, i figured we had enough time to take the 1 down through half moon bay, montera, past that crazy light house and down to santa cruz.

whattya know, we did have time. bob marley did us right. the stoned car wash boys of santa cruz did not do us right, though. me: "how do we get to the boardwalk?" them: "ok, turn right at the taqueria, go over the bridge, follow the curve, turn left at the shell station, uh, and uh." they were cool though.

as we winded our way through the 17, pj admitted to having a wicked crush on me and i said, join the club, but dont you think it would be better if we just remained friends? she sighed, pulled back a long lock of blonde and removed her hand from my thigh. and i said buck up, im sure one day the boys will start noticing you, i had such a great time with you and you're such a sweet girl and you really dont snore all that loudly. im sure one day you'll find the right guy for you and i dont know if it was the led zeppelin or the thin blanket of clouds crawling over the mountains above the stone dam reservoir, but she got over it pretty quick.

maybe a little too quick.

so i said, you know booty calls, arent completely out of the question, however.