id like not to write about myself today but who the hell else am i gonna write about? i write about the teen girl and people get upset, i dont write about the teen girl and she gets upset
i write about the other girls i used
to kiss and they want it
erased from the index.
i have a headache. i
waited too long to eat.
ive been eating like a
pig. good lovin will do
that to you. i had the
best steak dinner of
my life last night.
arnie mortons on
la cienega in b hills.
had the cajun steak
mashed potatoes
creamed spinach, fried
potatoes, broccoli,
desert. these hot girls
took me out and all
i had to do was change
into a golf shirt and
slacks and hard shoes.
we got some wine
at ralphs and they
uncorked it for
nothin cuz theyre
fucking awesome.
now im eating
duncan hines frosting.
id eat generic
frosting if it was
here. i dont care.
this stuff is good
it's "creamy
home-style" milk
chocolate, but
the point of all
of this is theres
this one girl
who likes
frosting and
sports and
is good at
kissing but
doesnt really
like kissing me.
then theres
this other girl
who likes tv and
being naked and being naked
with me, but doesnt like meat
or sports or porno. and if you
intertwined the dna of these
girls what would you have?
a hot chick not even slightly
interested in me. ha!
sorry, couldnt resist that one.

you know, the truth is, im happier being a single dude than i thought i'd be. my old boss said that it was gonna be cool and its fine. weird shit has happened that i never thought would happen. first i thought i'd be painting like all the time, but i havent even considered that shit. i have been cooking like mad. i think that is due to the kitchen utensils that my mom got me. especially the knives. i was gonna crock pot some chicken but i hafta wake up in the morn and fly to frisco for the day. i'll tell you why later. but hopefully everything will go quick
and i can run across the bridge and
get some nan king. do you love me?
i think i do. i used to
but things change.
am i jaded? nah. i
wanted to see
aerosmith and
christina aguelera
and dream and
all that shit at
stadium last
night but
im glad i didnt
cuz it was cool
being totally
not that thats a
big problem of
mine but im so
cheap theres no
way id normally
spend $50 on a
steak and a
potato and it
was cool that
morton took
care of us.
ive been