suge knight is out of jail and wakes up a free man again, this morning. best known as possibly the guy who held vanilla ice from the hotel balcony by his feet unless he turned over some of the publishing money to "ice ice baby".

he got out early yesterday after doing half of his nine year sentence for kicking a man in a las vegas scuffle while on probation for two counts of assault.

suge just happened to be in possession of a gun while he kicked the man, in vegas, while on probation. that equals nine years.

suge is the 35 year old owner of Death Row records, the independent gansta rap label based in beverly hills. at one time Death Row had Tupac, Dr. Dre., and Snoop Dogg all making records for the company.

im really tired. im nodding off at the keyboard.

here's the way you should see rush hour two. first. dont go if you've
seen the multitudes of ads. while it's true that most jackie chan films

- and this one is no exception - have about triple the action than your
average bad chinese flick; problem is, we've seen most of them
in those spastic thirty second commercials.

and if you have avoided these downfalls,
try to forget that chris tucker got twenty
million to play that role. here's to hoping
that one day your job will severely over-
pay your ass.

and you get to build your castle.