supertsar7 : did you have dinner?
MrciaBrdy4 : poptarts
supertsar7 : whats for dessert?
MrciaBrdy4 : cheesecake
MrciaBrdy4 : when im not so full
supertsar7 : how many poptarts filled you up?
MrciaBrdy4 : 2
supertsar7 : do you miss me terribly?
MrciaBrdy4 : yeah i actually got really sad when i saw the tsar cd
supertsar7 : brb, im gonna cook
MrciaBrdy4 : hi
supertsar7 : how did you know i was back?
MrciaBrdy4 : ive got some magic myself
supertsar7 : are you keeping an eye on my Idle time?
MrciaBrdy4 : i have a little alert for you
supertsar7 : that tells me when im no longer idle?
MrciaBrdy4 : yea