did they
my name


you ever see madonna shy about being in the grasp of a man? ever see her look away from the camera? ever see sean penn smile at the camera the way he's smiling here?

damn straight. only one man could turn a diva into a dandilion and blow her away. and only one man could melt the toughness right off a bad boy from malibu.

a poet. an artist. a writer. and yes, a novelist. an american novelist. one who drank and drank and wrote and wrote. one who wrote until he died. and lived while he was alive, and worked for a living, and wore trousers and got his fingers and his nose and his uniform dirty working it for you.

all those dark nights in small rooms clacking away at the typer he did it for you and madonna knows it. and you know it. and, fuck, sean cant believe it.