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my name


and i'm not blaming anyone. not this time.

but at some point we have to start making this place ours. what layne didnt bother bringing up was this huge story about Ecstasy in today's Times too. about how these shrinks are actually X'ing with their patients!

now i can understand giving someone uptight the drug, but tell me again why does the doctor have to be tripping too?

none of the nay-sayers in the article ask this question, they're too busy calling MDMA "too dangerous" to experiment with on human guinea pigs. this, from the people who brought you Shock Treatment, Bloodletting, and morphine.

at some point we have to realize that this is our planet and the knuckleheads have run things long enough. knuckleheads like every one of the supreme court justices who said that it isnt ok to give pot to AIDS patients. knuckleheads like whoever runs the atlantic monthly, and knuckleheads like whoever reads it.

when was the last time that the atlantic monthly was relevant. or important? certainly not in my lifetime. who have they broken? who runs to have them print their stuff exclusively? no one you care to read, and me neither. not even Layne.