some people think that it is important to graffiti or "tag" the busses and trains.

and i know that this is a controversial stance, but i really don't have a problem with it. the only thing that i wish the youngsters would do is appreciate the art of the tag.

you can barely see it from here, but alot of the markings on this back window are just random scratches. there is a legitamate tag of "dx something" on the lower right, but in the middle someone is just scratching because they can.

i dont see the point of that.

plus, what is the glory of simply defacing a window in the back? where is the courage, or the risk or the thrill?

it's like being a bullfighter with a bazooka.

come on fellas, if youre so hard, i want to see your initials on the front of the bus, or across the windshields of a sqad car. theres a long lineage of revolutionary men and women who have taken this form of anarchy to a higher level. all you're doing with this slop is perpetuating the sterotype and fucking up the view for those of us who want to see this fair city. keep it up and i will revoke your box cutter.