GC: This is a great picture. Sorta like Paul's Boutique.
TP: I've been wanting to take a picture of this tree for the longest, but this girl i know lives by there and i didnt want her to think i was a stalker.
GC: Which tree?
TP: The bendy one. This is the one time, the fisheye lens isnt the correct one. That tree is actually bending over more than it appears. It's crazy.
GC: Do you like Hollywood?
TP: Very much. It's like a sultry, dirty girl. It can be very dark. Very deep.
GC: D.C. is like that sometimes. But it sure beats the shit out of Modesto.
TP: Hey, how come your website says you're still interviewing for interns?
GC: I have a website?
TP: Hollywood is almost like living in a real city.
GC: How's the food?
TP: You really need to hunt around a lot. In Los Feliz they have a bunch of cool places to hang out, but the food's no good. As you go south, theres great food, but no where cool to really chill. But name me one place in Santa Monica that is both cool and has good food.
GC: Norms, Lincoln.
TP: OK, that's cheating.
GC: Wow, there really is none.
TP: No, there's one.
GC: Tell me!
TP: The Reel Inn.
GC: On the Promenade?
TP: Yep.
GC: But it's the Promenade!
TP: So?
GC: You can't say something is cool and be on the Promenade.
TP: That's how cool it is, when you're in there you totally forget that you're on the damn Promenade. They have tv's, beer, cheap seafood, no waiters. Love it!
GC: What about the Broadway Grill then?
TP: Cool scene: at times. But not good food.
GC: What?
TP: It's not bad food, it's just not terrific.
GC: What about Rae's?
TP: OK, two. But look how you almost had to leave town to find that one.
GC: Rock n Roll Sushi?
TP: If i was eighteen, maybe.
GC: El Cholo?
TP: If i was twenty-one, maybe. But that place is all about drinking. It's a glorified bar.
GC: What about that little Italian place on Wilshire near 5th?
TP: Shhh. That's a secret.