GC: you still eating a lot?
TP: Like a pig.
GC: I hear you cook.
TP: I've been making these stews in the crockpot. some chicken, some powdered broth, spices, carrots, potatoes. if a monkey could slice a carrot, he could make this meal. served over rice. i add a bunch of hot sauce..
GC: Is that why the design of your site is so bad?
TP: Easy.
GC: Really, is it that youre in the kitchen, you have no time to design?
TP: I gotta let the kids win at something. Otherwise they'll go back to playing soccer or some shit.

GC: So you're just lazy?
TP: It's gonna get better. Stay tuned.
GC: Why do you even have a web site? I don't and I'm fine.
TP: To me, this site is really all about the links page. Those are my real bookmarks, I use that search engine all day. It's really my homepage. The rest is just a colorful sketch book. I hope people like it, but if they don't maybe they'll enjoy some new music from Tsar, or Michael Jackson. Soon we will have Bubba, but he might be a teen, we're researching.
GC: How large is your staff?
TP: Sir?
GC: How many on the payroll?
TP: Ooooh. I thought you meant...
GC: So, wait, are you saying that if you really wanted to you could have a site as well designed as FrostyLips or Dolce or Sheila's?
TP: Of course, I can do anything.
GC: Prove it!
TP: Anyone can do anything, I'm not saying I'm special. Layouts are easy, it's content that you should worry the most about.
GC: Like in porn! You can have the best camera work, fancy clothes, mansions, gorgeous interiors, but if the script isnt good...
TP: well sorta. but not really.
GC: so if you can do anything, what do you want to do?
TP: save the world. fight crime. edit the closed captions for the hearing impaired.
GC: you gonna get bob dylan tickets on wednesday?
TP: hell yeah.