i have done my fair share of traveling. and whenever i am outside of the usa i always find myself being asked about the homeless situation here in the states.

usually i say that im america you have just as much opportunity to be a bill gates as you do to be a homeless guy sitting on the manicured grass of a hollywood burger king sparechanging while they change the signs.

the foreigners dont understand, but if they were so smart they wouldnt be living in places like, France!

anyway, if people want to sit in the grass with cool hats and eat free food and get money for looking funny, i say fine. i just wish that america would allow us to have other god-given freedoms.

if a man wants to marry a bunch of women, i say let him. did you hear about that bigamist? the only real bad thing that guy did was go on welfare and marry a 13 yr old. other than that, he kept all his women happy.

if fucker wants to actually earn a living, he should write a damn book. cuz he is not the most handsome man, he doesnt have any money, and yet he has all these women and girls - some of whom are attractive - totally loving his bearded ass. seems like Maxim's Man of the Year to me.