sometimes a picture only says a hundred words. this is actually a picture of two blind people wearing matching outfits walking north on la brea.

but because it's l.a., that's not enough. because what you cant see is that the person closests to us is actually a transvestite which really makes you wonder about the other guy.

i mean, first, does he know that he's wearing a purple shirt? next, does he know that they lady is a man? if so, how did he find out? did he just find out? is that why he's keeping his distance? and since everything else matches, why aren't they wearing matching shoes?

(did he tell her they were black?)

making fun of the blind is super bad karma, so let me share with you this bit of info from no other than my mother.

believe it or not, but she knew a guy who smoked a lot of pot! and this fellow got glaucoma before he turned 40! and here i thought stoners were saved from that horror! didn't you?