los angeles is a forgiving place. they dont care where you are from, what you do, what youve done, what you havent done. they just want you to do something. anything. not only will you make it in showbiz if youre halfway decent, but you might get rich. do you really think that frasier guy is worth a million bucks a show? what about that something about raymond guy? what about drew carey?

in a perfect world none of those guys would even be on tv.

frasier is good on the simpsons, but maybe about $40 grand a year. about what i make. and i'll tell you, im a shit ton funnier than that ass. and i do this every damn day.

what you will find when the bus goes down hollywood blvd. is theres a bunch of stars who dont deserve to be on the street. stevie belongs. we need more stevies. did i ever tell you about the time that i was selling t.v.s and stevie wonder came in with about 8 people. and this one guy comes up to me and says stevie needs a t.v? yeah, im sure i told you.