there will be little doubt that Jeepers Creepers will go down as the worst movie of the year.
but there are hundreds of questions that this movie brings up, allow me to raise two:

1. Which geniuses, exactly, at MGM thought it was a good idea to let Victor Salva, a man who was convicted of molesting
a 12 year-old boy, write and direct a film about a mysterious monster who, in the creepiest part of the movie,
sniff the soiled briefs of a young boy, on his quest to capture, murder, dismember, and eat the curious lad.

2. How many mounds of cash do you have to shovel Clive Barker's way so that he will deliver
you this quote for a movie that does not have even one slightly scary moment:
"This is the most scary, stylish horror movie I've seen in years."

scariest tidbit: Salva only did 15 months for 5 counts.