ladies of los angeles, your prayers have been answered. as some of you may know, ashley and i have been going through some rough times. yeah, it's true. we both agree that im far too sexy for just one teen girl, and she's too young to be tied down to one long-distance romance. so even though she's got plans to come out to LA next month to see Tsar play, we figured we could have one last rendezvous in her hometown. and what a better place to do something french than in the city of lights. yep, Paris in Las Vegas. totally manged at the buffet (which was tre delish) bowled, walked hand-in-hand, and said nice things to each other.

some may ask, why on Earth would you go
to Vegas in the summertime, especially with LA
experiencing another mild summer. and i say, cuz
it's probably my third favorite city, and now that
i have my appetite back, there is nothing better
than gorging on buffets, watching baseball in
the sports books, and getting to hang out
with the coolest girl i ever met off the web.

people may talk shit, but you must admit, rarely looks as good
as when it includes our girl ashley.

adieu, amie