pj was fun to wrestle, i know, you're not surprised, but i was.
scratches didnt bother her, or blood, or even pain.
and if your hand inadvertently went somewhere, she just laughed.
infact, i dont remember laughing as much as when i was with her.
especially that first night.
pj really loved games and she taught me this one game
that she had learned back home when
she had first joined the agency. the game was called "car wrestling"
i just called it suicide. but what you do is, you wrestle for control
of the car, but you can't use your feet
and you can't change lanes unless youre in full-on control.
it was a stupid game, but i wasnt about
to let some girl in glitter beat me at it.
whoever crashes the car loses.
or whoever is driving
when you make it to the joshua tree phone booth wins
when i was with her i always won.

too bad she got butchered.



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