summer starts today and all sonny wants to talk about is the chicago cubs. he updates me every day. cubs won he says when he calls. and i say yeah.
he's excited because the cubs are the hottest and most exciting team in baseball. after much harrassment, my favorite team finally did the right thing
and got some damn pitching. dont give them too much credit, they didnt actually know they were getting pitching, they were just getting
pitchers - somehow retreads like Jeff Fassero, Tom Gordon, and Todd Van Poppel decided to peak at the same time as
newbies Julian Taverez and Kyle Farnsworth. Meanwhile Jon Leiber and Kerry Wood are healthy - therefore studly
and Kevin Tapani picked this year as his second comeback season - who could forget '98 when he
was 19-9 the last time the Cubs made the playoffs.
lets forget his 6 wins in '99 and 8 last year.
currently Tapani leads the Cubs with 8 victories.
Wood, who has 7 wins, already has 120 k's
and how can you ignore Farnsworth who has
55 k's in 33 innings of middle relief?
and then there's Sammy. i hate to say it
but i am starting to believe in this team.
rondell white will hit 30 hrs this year,
eric young will steal 40 bases, ricky
gutierrez - back from injury - is on pace
to hit .300 and jack 20 hrs, and as
soon as he comes back bill mueller will
add ... sonny is laughing at me. he cant
believe that i am starting to believe.
but i am. sammy hit two homers today.
beat the shit outta the cardinals.
one of the homers was a grand slam.
they swept the equally surprising
and equally hot minnesota twins
last weekend. the only things
missing are harrey caray
and mark grace. i say we trade
harrey's annoying grandson
chip for gracey. even though
it's fun to watch the quasi-
voodoo rituals from 2nd-year
firstbaseman Julio Zuleta
who put food ontop of the
team's bats in the dugout
when he sensed that the bats
were "hungry". whatever
zuleta put on sosa's bat
he oughtta bottle: sammy
has cranked out four homers
and has hit .417 over the last
week and has hit .375 over the
last month. scary thing is: sosa
only gets better as the season
gets older. what will i do when
the cubs win the world series this
year? i will cry. and then i will have
a big fucking party. best part about
this year - other than the cubs being
so good? no one else really is. ha!
let's have a great summer.



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