chris and i took the subway to universal studios and saw scary movie 2.
the whole time i was thinking how the critics gave tom green so much shit for making such a gross, stupid
unfunny movie. and about 20 minutes into scary movie 2 i almost felt like it was trying to be dumber
fouler, stupider than "freddy got fingered" while being predictably unfunny.
so we walked out!
went into "the score". first of all marlon brando cant act any more.
angela basset didnt even need to be in it. she was barely in it to begin with.
ed norton and deniro were good, but the movie was dull as if dull was a new genre.
when it comes out for rental, rent it if you want to put people to sleep.
we ate at versailles, which is the walk-up version of the culver city classic.
still, damn good. watching bad movies will get you in a bad mood.
coming home to the iron chef with a terrific girl will get you
in a much better mood.

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scary movie 2: D
the score: C-