We've all been letting these people question us lately, and for some odd reason, we've come to let them become the authority. Why's that? Because they have the power of the press? Sure, our few thousand viewers can't possibly compare to their cable audiences of millions, but, for a grass roots organizations, I think we do quite well for ourselves. I'm outraged that anybody would dare to call us prostitutes, and I'm even more outraged that Mitch would talk about prostitutes while scrolling over Nay's site! Only other teenage girls are allowed to call nay a prostitute, when anyone else does it, it's just crass.

This isn't the purpose of the page though! The purpose of the page is to laugh at this slut bag, "Rachel" - as seen on the Mitchy-poo (Mitch, thanks for panties, only, they were a little too big. Next time don't wear them first, okay?) show! Rachel was the first person to throw the term "prostitute" into the discussion. Suprisingly enough, nobody seemed to mind this.

When flipping through the Mitch-kins site, there's a link to her personal biography, check it out! These are a few of my favorite excerpts from her bio :
"Rachel Nevada,TV commercial star and former model has been with The Mitch Albom Show from the start. Her beauty and easygoing manner have obviously made her many male fans - and her 8 X 10 photo is the show's most requested item... "

Oh, what's this Rach? You used to be a model! You don't say! You mean, you got paid for sitting around, looking pretty (if that's possible, you lizard-look-alike)? What did you model, Rach? Was it nun habits? Turtlenecks? Maternity dresses? Surely, a fine figure of society, a pinacle of moral realizations, an upstanding christian woman, such as yourself, would not model skimpy clothing -- would you?

There really are no parallels between wearing too much make up to work everyday; receiving tons of fan mail because you're the only thing with a vagina that male viewers see on the Mitchy show, and sitting in front of a web cam and flashing a little skin, is there? I must conclude that Rachel Nevada was throughly justified in stating 'cam girls' are a form of prostitute on the little talk radio show she gets to co host on.

As they say, Ms. Nevada, takes one to know one!