by Sunny C. -as posted on the Tsar Dreambook - aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I had the most wonderful time last night, it was unbelievable! I went to the show at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel and Tsar was the first band to come on. We had just gotten there and my friend Donald and I walked around in the crowd to look for Tsar but all we could find was a super Tsar poster that we ripped off the wall and a couple of lovely Tsar stickers. Then, before I knew it, I heard people screaming and I looked over and saw them walking onstage. It was weird because they just kind of appeared and started playing and I had barely enough time to shove my way up to the front. They opened up with "Calling All Destroyers" (I think), I was pretty freaked out and spazzing at that point, so I couldn't do much else but shriek and make my homemade Tsar shirt noticeable. They were awesome, just like everyone said they would be, but my ears got kind of blasted because I was right in front of the subwoofer er something. I kept on screaming and cheering like a deranged idiot, hoping they'd notice me. When they finished the last song and started to walk off stage, I waved to Jeff W. I didn't think he'd actually come over, but he did, and he bent down and shook my hand and said, "Hey, what's your name?" "Hi, I'm Sunny." Was all I could muster, and he replied with a very Jeffy smile, "Cool, we'll talk later." So I was pretty elated that they knew I was there. I was also lucky enough to get Steve's drumstick that flew offstage and onto the floor behind a barrier. This really nice chick grabbed it and handed it to me, thanks, whoever you are! Then, later on, Donald and I walked around some more, on a quest for Tsar. Donald was really happy to be there since it was his first concert and he LOVED Tsar, which was something that was to be expected, but it was also cool. He went there with me after only hearing "Silver Shifter", which he really liked. I'm glad he had a good time, though. But anyway, we went over by this table where they were selling various shirts and we saw Steve. I kind of stopped and turned away because I didn't know how to approach him. Finally I just forgot about being insecure and walked up to him. He looked at me and said, "Are you Sunny?" Don't ask me how these guys remember all these people, but they did. It is such a great feeling to meet someone you idolize and love, but it's twice as awesome when they recognize your efforts and appreciate you as a fan, not to mention recognize you! So Steve gave me a big hug and said he was really glad to meet me. I feel kind of stupid now because I was so awestruck, it was hard to find words. I never wanted to be one of those drooling, babbling fans that peed all over themselves, but I have to admit, I was pretty speechless. But it was really cool because I loosened up after I realized what a great and nice guy Steve was. We talked for a while about Napster, the band, drums, etc. That was just the beginning. After I had Steve sign the Tsar post I stole, I saw Dan coming up to us with a cute little blue coat with fuzzy fringe. Once again, I didn't quite know what to say. I said hello and since I was standing right in front of him while they were onstage, he also recognized me. I think he is probably one of the shyest people in Tsar, but he was very sweet and polite, so that was enough to make me happy. He gave me a hug and signed the poster and said something like, "Sunny, you're the coolest, for sure!" Dan is an awesome guy. Donald and I hung out at the table for a while, hoping to see the other half of the band. Finally, I caught sight of Solomon near the bar. He walked over and smiled. It was hard to hear because of all the loudness there, but he mouthed the word "Sunny" and I nodded. He hugged me and I told him how great it was to finally meet them. Solomon tends to sort of stay in the background, and people have told me he's also very quiet. I found him to be very sweet and friendly, he always was smiling and he really liked my Tsar shirt that I made. I'm probably going to try and make them all shirts, after all, it's the least I can do for the band that has really changed music for me. I was still talking to Solomon when I caught sight of Jeff out of the corner of my eye. After I was done talking to him, Jeff walked up to me and said something like, "Hey, I finally get to meet you!" He smiled and also gave me a hug. He offered me a cigarette, which was a nice thought but one I politely refused. :o) It was too bad that it was so loud there, I had to scream into his ear, but it was cool. I was already so overwhelmed, they probably thought I was a moron because I didn't have much to say. I get flustered at the most inopportune times. But what was REALLY great was when Jeff invited Donald and I to sit down and we sat at a little table to chat. We proceeded to talk for over forty-five minutes and that had to be one of the most enjoyable moments that night. We talked about a lot of different things, and I tried to get over my shyness and talk to the person I had been waiting to meet ever since last summer. I found him to be very charming and an overall friendly and talkative person. They all seem to have a great deal of respect for their fans, something I really admire. They really cared and listened when we were talking and didn't just blow us off because we were kids. Jeff had a great sense of humor and we talked about the record, the recording process, subliminal messages, fan mail, shoes (Jeff has the coolest shoes), etc. For a rock star who probably has better things to do than talk to a couple of kids to actually sit down with fans and chat with them for almost an hour certainly tells you something about their personality. Anyone who assumes that the guys in Tsar are pompous and don't care about their fans obviously doesn't know much about them. Chatting with Jeff was a very enjoyable experience, and I got to know more about him and how seriously he takes his music. It was really funny because this totally wasted guy came up to Jeff and said, "Hey man, I love you guys! You're awesome!" Jeff thanked him and then the guy offered to buy Jeff a drink. The guy was nice enough, it was just funny that he loved Tsar so much but didn't even know their name. Drunk people are really hilarious sometimes. I hated to be annoying, but I had to get a picture with all of them. I have a few of me with Jeff and a couple with Steve and Solomon. Sadly, I couldn't find Dan anywhere, but luckily I think I got some pretty decent shots of him onstage. In a way it was good that they didn't have many fans at that show, that way I got them more to myself. LOL Although the success of Tsar will be wonderful, I will miss being about to pay a measly fifteen bucks to go to one of their concerts and then get to meet them while they mingle in the audience. But ah well, Tsar must rock on, and I have all my faith in them. Altogether it was really something that satisfied me. I finally got to see their live show, I got to meet them and chat with them intimately instead of some impersonal album signing where you basically say how much you love the band, they say thanks, they write some little impersonal message on your CD or whatever, and then it's on to the next fan. That is one of the great things about Tsar, not only are they incredibly nice, humble people, they are also not entirely untouchable. I noticed several different things about Tsar when I met them. One, not that this matters all that much, but I think they definitely are all really good looking guys. I think their great personalities enhance that, but meeting them was just unreal. I think Jeff is the tallest, followed by Steve, Solomon, and then Dan. All of them except Jeff looked slightly smaller in person than when they're in photos and stuff. In all the times I've seen Steve in pictures, I've only seen his eyes maybe once or twice. LOL Guess he really loves those sunglasses. Jeff also told me he doesn't wear any shoes unless he designs them. The shoes he wore last night were SPIFFY. Well, I think I've written quite enough. I need to go to bed, I am very tired indeed. I hope to see Tsar again sometime soon. Now I'm addicted, I must say. I feel honored that I got to meet such wonderful people. Hope every one of you guys gets to see Tsar again in the near future, and if you haven't seen them yet, by all means do! Take care everyone and good morning."