say what you want, but im eatin.

jon's had a sale on pies for 2 for $5. the house of pies is only three blocks away but their pies are 1 for $8.10.

it has been nearly a year since tsar came out with their first album titled "tsar" and i have this to say about all of that.

i think teen wizards is the best song, for me.

then calling all destroyers

then break up and girl who wouldnt die: tie.

i havent heard the "kings of the school" thing. i bet you haven't either then. isn't that weird?

if you average it all out, i'd say that ive probably listened to that record once a day. the songs are just as strong. if anything, they havent moved an inch. solid.

im cleaning my plate.

it's amazing.

but what is more amazing is the fact that you can get a nice
fresh dutch apple pie for just two dollars and fifty cents.

with the money i saved i went over to the vons and bought two bunches of flowers for five bucks.

you'd think that if my life was really that drab, the least i could do is figure out some html tricks or throw some Java on the page or some damn thing.

once again, dear reader, you and i are dead wrong.

kirsten dunst was good in her bad movie.