happy thanksgiving

it's thanksgiving and i think that it is a great day to count our blessings. so lets count.

my girlfriend's stacked, my mom loves me, i am respected at work. i have more toys than i can play with, my satelite dish shows me what my high-speed Internet connection cant, im in good health - completely. i have the greatest friends on Earth who allow me to be antisocial, it's november and it's 70, i have two pools a hot tub and good looking neighbors who mind their own damn business. my teeth leave me alone, my hair looks like it's sticking around, my website gets read, i ride my bicycle 1.3 miles to work.

does it suck that today we think more about football turkey sleeping parades and shopping and not the fact that we stole this sweet land from people that we don't even care enough about to allow on television any more? sure. lots of things suck. and on the list of things that suck, stealing America from the Indians is way way way up there. It might even be on the top. but it is over. just like slavery is over, and high school, and the meal from last night. it's time for us to learn from our fuck-ups pay respect and grow.

yes we should have more programs and films and happy hour discussions about the people who lived here before we did, maybe even give em Texas, but on thanksgiving we should be happy and think happy thoughts and drink wine and gorge and feast and fuck and belch into the ceiling fan with gusto. a lot of you are depressed, sad, ugly people and you could use a day or two of artificial sunshine, so eat! there is no reason to feel guilty about shit just be cooler than the last guy and one day you might have the chance to stoke someone who has a stoke coming and i say give till it hurts cuz everything hurts anyway. sure it does. what does it say about a nation who takes everything from another nation and then outlaws the peace pipe yet adopts the tomahawk? eat!

who wouldnt be thankful to live in a country where you can say these things. one day i hope to be thankful to live in a place where when people fuck up they fix it. old school land of the brave shit. something tells me that we aren't there just yet.

drink up